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Work - hacking téléphone – 3000 € / pаботы - телефон взлом – 72000 uah

Тема в разделе "Железный взлом", создана пользователем Anthorfacte, 30 авг 2015.

  1. Anthorfacte
    Anthorfacte Новичок
    Hello, i am a french « big boss », french company
    I live in Kiev since 1 years
    I recherch one person who know,
    Who can hack smartphones with just one computer in the street, no virus use, just with Bluetooth
    I know it’s possible
    In the past, i was specialist in differents techniques to hack,
    I want learn new technique

    Test and learn with me in Kiev when you want
    After test i test in France one week
    Test good, i comeback with money for you
    I paid in cash

    Possibility work for me after if good feeling and good work, good presentation, CV, competency, for 1200 € all the months (legal Work)

    For different prestations, security my other websites (meet website) and diffusion informations, publicity, and others things

    Contact me in privet message if you are the specialist i recherch
    I want just one person
    I want the best, juste the best

    All age accept, minimum 16 years old

    Thinks !
    30 авг 2015

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