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NTO SQL Invader

Тема в разделе "Поиск уязвимостей", создана пользователем nebra, 11 апр 2012.

  1. nebra
    nebra Новичок
    Описание (оригинал):
    NTO SQL Invader gives the ability to quickly and easily exploit or demonstrate SQL Injection vulnerabilities in Web applications. With a few simple clicks, you will be able to exploit a vulnerability to view the list of records, tables and user accounts of the back-end database.
    Easy to use - The tool’s GUI interface enables you to simply paste the injectable request found by a DAST tool or feed a detailed request straignt from an application scan report. You can then control how much information is harvested.
    Clearly presents evidence - Unlike tools that provide all data via command line, NTO SQL Invader provides the data in a organized manner that is useful for both executive meetings as well as technical analysis and remediation.
    Enables easy transport of logging data - All of the data harvested from NTO SQL Invader can be saved into a CSV file so the reports can be included as penetration evidence as part of a presentation or POC.
    В общем еще 1 программа для раскрутки SQL Injection. Может кому будет полезна.
    Официальный сайт программы: NTObjectives
    Скачать: NTO SQL Invader
    11 апр 2012

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