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diablo2oo2's Universal Patcher [dUP]

  1. dUP 2 is a freeware patch generator which can build a small standalone patcher executable for microsoft windows systems.

    [+] Скриншоты


    [+] История версий:
    -bugfix: open files in sharemode
    -new disassembler engine: BeaEngine
    -improved search & replace comparison
    -plugin dlls are loaded now on patcher startup
    -updated plugin development kit
    -added option to turn off backup by default

    -improved compatibility for windows 2000
    -usage of reg.exe instead of regedit.exe for registry patching
    -added regular expressions (PCRE) support to [Text Patch] module
    -added regular expressions (PCRE) support to [Registry Check] module
    -added new plugin "Check Windows Version"

    -fixed music playback bug
    -fixed bug: open *.dUP2 files with dup2.exe
    -fixed bug: crash when option "do not check original bytes" is enabled
    -fixed bug: commandline parameter "/startupworkdir" did not work
    -any bytepattern format will be accepted when it is pasted
    -added plugin support
    -added ASLR support
    -added DLL patching support for the loader

    -added console output for patcher
    -fixed bug in "silent" mode
    -fixed bug when using "multi-wildcard-mode"
    -new option to fix the CheckSum in PE Header after patching
    -more detailed patchlog
    -removed "xmstrip"
    -added console command (/setvar) for setting %dup2_cmd_var%
    -new logo (thank you kr8Vity!)
    -new menu structure

    -new option to keep original file time and date
    -new option to disable the WOW64 File System Redirector (for 64 Bit Patching)
    -new option to import multiple file attachments
    -new: tooltip for bytepattern shows now also the ASCII text of the bytepattern
    -bugfix: inline patching should now also work on windows 7
    -bugfix: improved inline patching method
    -text patch: single wildcards (?) will not be cut out any longer at end and begin of the 'Find Text'
    -added new "Registry Check" module
    -improved access to 64 Bit registry (small bugfix)
    -improved menu structure of dup2 gui (adding patchdata is now easier)
    -bugfix: crash when open project

    -added wildcard support for textpatch module
    -windowresize bugs fixed
    -minimize patcherwindow with rightmouseclick
    -added new "Event" module for patcher. Now you can programm your patcher!
    -added new "File Check" module for patcher
    -bugfixes in textpatch module
    -bugfix: executing attached files
    -bugfix: problem with nested environment variables
    -bugfix: tooltips will be shown without flicker effect on windows 7
    -bugfix: increased pattersize limit for search & replace compare module

    -new "Text-Patch" module !
    -bugfix in s&r compare module
    -other bugfixes from v2.18
    -added linkcursor in patcherwindow
    -registry editor now can import v5 reg files
    -faster scrolltext engine
    -better scrolltext font management
    -new function: import long hexpatterns in offset-patch-dialog
    -fixed loader_installer bug
    -added support for relative paths (subfolders) for the targetfiles
    -search & replace comments bugfix
    -loader: registrypatcher bugfix
    -added new internal environment variable: %dup2_last_path%
    -skincontrols now can have transparent backgroundcolor (FFFFFFFF)
    -now you can execute multiple search&replace loaders from same directory

    -replaced WinExec API by ShellExecute for Windows Vista
    -bugfix in Dialog for editing S&R Pattern Occurrence
    -added check for skin button IDs
    -improved window resizing engine
    -added option "trim to path" for Registry Paths
    -loader can save now targetfilepath to inifile when its not in same folder
    -added TitchySID player for .sid file playback
    -added new option for attached files: overwrite existing file
    -added support for disabled patch button skin
    -added multilanguage support
    -fixed bug with tooltip width. long hexpatterns are displayed now in multiple lines
    -compiled with new MASM v10
    -bugfix when executing attached files
    -bugfix for resource (skin) updater
    -strings for patcher.exe can be modifed now inside a skin

    -improved dup2 plugin for ollydbg v1.10
    -long comments for search&replace patchdata now possible
    -new v2m player (vista compatible) from http://magic.shabgard.org
    -use targetfile information from s&r dialog in CheckOccurrence Dialog
    -added function "back to releaseinfo" in patcher logbox
    -bug fixed on vista systems with music playback
    -"patch" button will be disabled after patching
    -some fixes in projectconverter (for old v1.x dup projects)
    -changed handling with unresolved environment variables
    -original bytes not saved to compiled patcher when
    "dont't check original bytes" option is enabled
    -fixed bug when saving columnswidth of listviews
    -new for Attached File: delete file after execute
    -new for Attached File: wait for process
    -added support for PECompact (optional commandline settings)
    -manifest in resource is now avaible by default
    -patcher: last used filepath will be stored inside %dup2_last_file% environment variable
    -removed the ugly "flicker"-effect on bitmap buttons
    -improved dumping (open projects from patcher.exe)
    -advanced registry patching (usage of placeholders)
    -changes in bitmapbutton code (please only use new
    button names: BTN_PATCH_OVER ...)
    -added fade in/out effect for patcher
    -problem with the patchers topmost windows fixed
    -removed option from settings dialog: dup file association
    -important bugfix in loadercode (patching of protected memory)
    -added option for registry patches: resolve environment variables
    -fixed bug for musicplayback with bassmod.dll
    -added textscroller feature
    -fill patchinfdialog with default info only when new project is created

    -proceed patchdata in userdefined order
    -resizeable dialogs
    -autodetect if to hide releaseinfobox in patcher
    -patching of used files (using file rename method)
    -remove useless wildcards at begin & end from pattern
    -updated ufmod player (for XM music) to v1.25
    -fixed bug: closing dialogs with ESC key
    -multiline comments for s&r patchdata
    -added "next" button in settings dialog for finding next song
    -removed some items from s&r dialog
    -minor bugfixes and code changes

    -added search&replace compare module with use of wildcards
    -added support for playing *.v2m files
    -added support for playing *.ahx files
    -updated ufmod player (XM music) to v1.22
    -added replacepattern optimazion
    -small bugfix: RCDATA will be skipped in *.res files
    -bugfix with resource file handling
    -new feature:export attached files from project
    -bugfix for loader-installer creation
    -custom icon will be also applied on loader installer
    -added HexEditor feature (16Edit) in some dialogs
    -center about dialog in patcher
    -added new dialog for editing "Registry Path" data
    -changed control order in settings dialog
    -new exception error dialog
    -fixed bug in search&replace loader
    -loaderinstaller will be packed too now
    -new attachment feature: execute attachment with commandlineparameters
    -new attachment feature: select exportpath
    -added support for bitmap buttons (up,down,over)
    -dialogs can be closed with ESC key
    -minor changes

    -open project from compiled patcher/loader
    -copy offset-data/s&r-data to txt file or clipboard
    -improved s&r loader
    -new option in offset patch: skip original byte check
    -"File not found" message will be skipped when filefilter is *.*
    -improved path searching in Browse-For-File dialog in patcher
    -updated ufmod player (XM music) to v1.19
    -new option to optimze filesize of XM music files for ufmod
    -dUP2 can read now old project files of dUP v1.xx
    -minor bugfixes and changes

    -fixed serious bug in search & replace loader
    -fixed bug: dup2 did not saved window positions in dup2.ini
    -fixed bug when building patcher/loader with skipped (empty) data
    -add copy & paste functions
    -add button for last used projects
    -fileexport function can create missing folders now
    -registry patch window is resizeable now
    -fixed bug when pasting long binary data from ollydbg
    -improved edit function for s&r and offset data
    -add some keyboard shortcuts
    -add unicode function in String2Hex Window
    -fixed bug when saving projects
    -improved loader timeout
    -add new messagebox in patcher when file is in use
    -updated ufmod player for the patcher
    -minor code changes and bugfixes
    -compiled with new masm version 9.0

    -add "Registry Paths" module (usage of custom environment variables)
    -now shows description of registry patchdata in main window
    -add option to switch on XP styled dialogs
    -add results box instead messagebox in check occurrence dialog

    -support for custom window shape [RGN files]
    -new "save on exit" dialog if something changed
    -support for custom cursor
    -fixed bug in loader installer
    -minor bugfix s&r loader
    -minor code changes in follow in ollydbg function

    -add new feature: installer for loaders
    -add about box dialog (can be modified now in resource)
    -add option to follow addresses in ollydbg
    -fixed stupid bug when ripping icons from *.exe/*.dll files
    -dup2 remembers window positions now
    -better drag&drop support (drag files into single dialog items)
    -use ufmod player instead of mfmplayer for xm files
    -add some usefull tooltips
    -add warning message when quit s&r dialog with data in editboxes
    -add file attribute option for attached files
    -add some context menu
    -improved save dialog (generates filename)
    -add option to show/hide release info message in patcher dialog
    -fixed bug in VirtualAddress calculation routine
    -minor code changes and bug fixes

    -add support for custom colored patchers
    -add support for transparent patcher dialog
    -commandline support for patcher (silent mode,set workdir...)
    -coded new method to apply skin (*.res file) to patcher
    -pattern check changed: separators "A-F" and "0-9" not allowed
    -add option to hide dUP main window when edit Patchdata
    -fixed bug in Offset Dialog
    -minor bug fixes and code changes

    -this version comes with a help file :)
    -add: use of windows environment variables in pathnames
    -now patching "readonly" files possible
    -patcher asks to overwrite existing file attachments
    -option to switch off warning when exit dUP with open project
    -add: play/stop buttons for music in the settings dialog
    -bug fixed: String2Hex Dialog doesnt crash now
    -bug fixed: the patcher/loader can now contain any icon format
    -bug fixed in inline patcher: problem with already patched targets
    -loader improved: can transfer now commandline arguments
    -changed date format to: "monthname day, year" by default
    -add: function to select custom icon from exe/dll files
    -add support for (Win)Upack packer (http://dwing.go.nease.net)
    -minor fixes in patcher when searching target file manually...
    -better backup system in patcher

    -ugly bugs fixed in Search&Replace Engine core
    -fixed another bug in s&r loader, when using "Patch All" option
    -fixed bug: compare big files with different size
    -new button in Patch Info Dialog to get today date
    -add autocorrection for different patternlength

    -add option to use smaller dll for xm music instead of bassmod.dll
    -add check in S&R Dialog: Pattern must have same lenght
    -add 'MemCheck' feature for search&replace loaders
    -items can move up & down in the offset and s&r table
    -load last file in "Check Occurrence" Dialog by default
    -bug fixed in Offset Dialog

    -add support for creating patcher/loader under win9x =)
    -improved patcher with logbox instead of messageboxes
    note: old skins dont work with this version
    -fixed bug: dont patch already inline patched targets
    -fixed bug: dont add unused data to inline patched targets
    -fixed bug for inline patcher (better entrypoint calculation)
    -improved S&R loader: can detect changed exe now
    -support for nspack packer (www.nsdsn.com) for packing patcher/loader

    -add support for more trackerformats (it,xm,s3m,mtm,mod,umx)
    -drag&drop support in all dialogs
    -fixed bug with long releaseinfo & about message
    -minor code change in patcher.exe

    -patcher without xm music has smaller filesize (compressed)
    -remember now last 'CheckOccurrence' filepath
    -show warning when first byte is 0 in VirtualAddress Mode

    -fixed bug: directorys are remembered now correctly
    -add: comments for S&R projectdata

    -bug fixed in search and replace procedures

    -100% recoded
    -multiple file patching
    -compare files with different filesize
    -unlimited patchdata
    -Registry Patch
    -File Attachment

    Download dUP v2.25
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